Glass Fencing Hardware

Glass pool fencing comes in two main styles – frameless and semi-frameless. Both styles are composed of two main components. First, you have the large safety glass panels which form the barrier between your pool and the rest of your yard. Holding these panels together and fixing them to the ground is the job of a range of different fittings, many of which are made from tough, corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminium.

Keeping your pool fencing clean and shiny will go a long way to maintaining an overall tidy atmosphere in your backyard. However, it’s not always as easy as you would expect to clean the stainless steel and aluminium parts of your fence, which is why we’ve put together the following list of quick tips. They will help you maintain a clean and shiny glass pool fence for years to come.

Avoid Too Much Abrasion

The surface of both stainless steel and aluminium is treated prior to installation to make sure that it’s as shiny and clean as possible. Using tough abrasives like sandpaper, emery or steel wool can damage this coating, which can shorten the lifetime of your fence.

Instead of rough abrasives, you could use something like a scrubbing brush or a baking soda mix to remove tough stains. Combined with warm, soapy water and a regular cleaning routine, these should be more than enough to keep your glass pool fence fittings clean and shiny!

Be Careful What Cleaning Products You Use

There is a huge range of different pool fence cleaning products on the market, but it’s important to choose carefully. Some of these products can damage both the glass and the stainless steel or aluminium components of your pool fence, even if they are used according to their instructions. Avoid the following:

  • Any cleaning method that involves the used of scrapers or blades.
  • Any cleaning product which contains either hydrofluoric acid or any other fluorine derivative.
  • Any cleaning products which are either highly acidic or highly alkaline.

These can all damage the stainless steel and aluminium fittings on your fence, reducing their shine and removing their ‘like new’ look.

Clean Regularly

Following a regular cleaning and maintenance routine will help you keep the fittings and other hardware components of your glass pool fence shiny and clean. If you clean often enough, you shouldn’t have to do more than wipe over the visible surfaces with a mixture of warm, soapy water. Try and stick to the following schedule:

  • In tough or tropical environments, try and clean every 2-4 weeks.
  • In moderate climates try and clean every 3 months.
  • In mild conditions try and clean every 6 months.

Cleaning at least this often should help your fence remain clean and shiny.

Final Word

Keeping your pool fence clean and shiny is one of the keys to maintaining a well looked after, attractive yard space. The above tips should help you look after the metallic components of your glass pool fence. Good luck!