Carpet Cleaning Myths

Most homeowners choose carpet as a floor covering for at least some of their rooms. It is increasingly popular for bedrooms, but it is also used in the lounge or family room. Carpet is ideal for a home with toddlers as it makes a soft landing when they are learning to walk, much better for them than falling on hard tiles. A carpet cleaner should be booked on a regular basis.

When you have carpet, it needs to be cleaned in order to remain hygienic.  You may have heard a great deal of conflicting advice about carpet cleaning and maintenance, so here are 6 myths exposed to ensure you deal with your carpet in the correct way.

1. If the carpet looks clean it doesn’t need a professional carpet cleaning treatment. This is simply not true. Most dirt and dust falls to the bottom of the carpet fibres so you can’t see it. A carpet that is only a year old may be quite dirty and in need of cleaning by a professional.

2. Vacuuming is the only cleaning a carpet needs. Again, this is not true. Even strong vacuum cleaners do not get all the dirt and dust out from underneath the carpet fibres – and many people don’t have really strong suction cleaners.

3. Carpets will shrink if they are professionally cleaned. Wool carpets may shrink if the cleaner uses water that is too hot, or if the carpet is not dried properly. But these days, most carpets are made to withstand the cleaning they need.

4. Store purchased cleaning equipment and products do just as good a job as a professional cleaner. Nope. The professional cleaning equipment has much better suction to remove the moisture than any store-bought equipment can provide. Their cleaning products are usually far superior too.

5. Dry shampoo from the store will clean my carpets. In fact, most such products are based on talcum powder. The powder settles deep into the carpet and makes it smell pleasant, but it can’t all be sucked out with the vacuum cleaner. If you then use water on the carpet, it will end up like fine silt in the base of the carpet, taking ages to dry out and causing mould to form. It is highly likely to ruin the carpet completely if used too much.

6. After a flood clean-up, the carpet doesn’t need any further cleaning. In fact, this is the time when a proper clean should be done of the carpet. Floods bring with them bacteria, fine silt and mud that cannot be cleaned out of the carpet just by hosing it down. It needs to be cleaned properly and then have the moisture sucked out to avoid mould and mildew.  In fact, if the carpet has been wet for even up to 48 hours, it may develop mould which can be toxic.